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November 18, 2008


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So some UofA students decided it’d be hilarious to dress up for Halloween as the Sept. 11th attacks.  The girlfriend was the plane and the boyfriend was the building, complete with bodies jumping from windows and at one point in the night even had a lighter and was melting bodies.

I heard about this on my talk radio this morning.  The host was absolutely disgusted, and shocked that we have already forgotten so quickly.  This girl, Nicole something or other orginially agreed to an interview on KTAR but then deleted herself from Facebook, and has been unavailable for interviews.  However, on different posts on websites she is proud of her costume, thinks people need to get over it, and shows no remorse.

I just don’t get some people.  Did they think was funny?  I just think of the time that went into making these ridiculous costumes.  I mean just for a minute while glueing bodies onto their costume did they think, hmm maybe this offensive or classless?  Their smiles in the picture really get to me.

Apparently they were asked to remove their costumes in order to stay at the party.  At least some people still remember.

Oh and by the way, they’re journalism students.  Go figure :p <– read more here.


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