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November 1, 2008

Old news by now…

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But this disgusts me.

In case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard this happened somewhere in West Hollywood.  And the idiot responsible says it should be viewed as “art”.

When I first heard this story I was extremely tempted to create an Obama dummy to hang from a tree in my front yard.  Just art, right?  Can you imagine the reaction?

I’m sorry but the to me the image of a hanged woman is no worse than a hanged man of mixed race.  Sexism is wrong.  No less wrong than racism.


October 3, 2008

VP Debate

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I’ll be honest, again I missed most of the debate, and it’s been a rough night for my baby.  But I listened to as much as I could.  I heard the beginning and the end, and some of the middle.  Here’s what I came away with.

Biden said something along the lines of the job of the VP is to support the President.  Every time Palin speaks, she always sounds so supportive of McCain.  Even though there are areas they disagree, and she open about that, she is very aware of his accomplishments and you hear her respect for him in her voice.  I think that’s so important and crucial to being VP.  I do not get that same impression from Biden.  The impression I get from Biden is “I’m better than you.” 

Palin brought up so many good points about education, taxes, oil, etc.  I agreed with about 90% of what I heard from her.  Maybe it’s because I put so much value on motherhood, but I think her experience is enough to qualify her for VP and even the presidency.  Right now a major issue is oil, and I really think that she knows exactly what she’s talking about when it comes to the oil supply in Alaska and taking on oil companies. 

I loved when she said that there are no promises made that they can’t keep.  And on major principles she’s never changed her mind.  But really tonight, I just liked her.  I relate to her.  She’s charming and real.  That in no way qualifies her for VP, but tonight I cried realizing here is a woman who is not so different than me and she’s running for VP.  American really is the land of opportunity.

But I’ll end by saying, she definitely held her own tonight and I think she hit the grand slam the McCain camp needed her to tonight.

(Oh, and I guess Gwenn Ifill didn’t do so bad afterall 🙂 )

September 20, 2008

Some facts about Sarah Palin (and maybe a little biased opinion…)

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Okay here’s a few reasons why I love Sarah Palin.

1 – Her stance on drilling in Alaska.  She is all for drilling and exploring her state’s natural resources.   She wants to see our dependence on foreign oil decrease, and the price of gas go down.  I could belabor this point for a few more paragraphs but that about sums it up.  DRILL IN ALASKA!

2 – She’s fought corruption and stood up to members of her own party.  For example, she vetoed 300 pork projects in Alaska in her first year in office. She made a habit of knocking out big-government Republicans in her brief political career.  Her approval rating in Alaska among Democrats is 75%.

3 – Her stance on health care.  I think we’ve all seen how when companies need to compete with each other in a free market the consumer benefits.  She was quoted: “allow free-market competition and reduce onerous government regulation.”

4 – Her social “conservativeness” goes along with my personal beliefs.  Yes, she is against abortion even in the case of incest and rape, which may raise some eyebrows.  But at least she’s never wavered in her opinion, and truly acts in accordance with what she says.

5 – She wants to protect the family by keeping marriage between a man and woman.  However, one of her first vetoes as governor was a bill that sought to block state employee benefits and health insurance for same-sex couples.

6 – love Love LOVE what she has to say about education.  Parents and teachers should be deciding what should be taught in schools, not the government.  She has also promised to be a friend to special education.  I think this is something I am most excited about, because I have written IEPs, and tried to sort through legal mumbo-jumbo to help children.  I am eager for the change she will bring.

7 – She’s real.  I don’t understand all the comments about her lies.  From everything I’ve read she’s been incredibly honest. 

8 – Honestly, I think it’d be a sweet Disney movie to see hockey mom turned VP.  Maybe Tina Fey could play the part.

I got lots of my info from this article:

And I also love this video.  The first few minutes are pretty boring, fast forward to the part when Palin gets on.  This is before most of us had heard of Sarah Palin.

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