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December 2, 2008

Best Idea I’ve heard yet.

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So I really only like to blog when I get excited about something.  And I just heard this on the radio and went straight to my computer.  Apparently there’s a congressman in Texas, Louie Gohmert who has proposed that the government lets us all keep all our money that we earn in January in February.  Absolutely no taxes taken out.  Every penny you earn, you get to keep.  You can read all the details here: 

He does have high hopes for this plan, saying that small businesses will be able to create jobs, people will start spending like crazy, and it will electrify the economy.  Now I’m not sure about all that… but I realized that if my husband had no taxes taken out of his paycheck I would not have to work.  Right now I need to work only once a week for ends to meet… I bring home a whopping $300 a month AFTER my taxes are taken out. 

Anyway, I am all for this, and have already written to my state congressmen to sign onto this bill, and urge you to do the same.


November 5, 2008


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So in case you haven’t heard…. last night Obama won.

I am trying to be positive and hoping in my heart that my gut and brain have been wrong about Obama.  That the rest of America isn’t as disillusioned as I think they are.  I hope this country will continue to be the greatest nation in the world.  I hope we don’t lose sight of the Constitution and the principles this country was founded on (as if we haven’t already!). 

How I think this will effect me?  Well for one, hubby and I own a rental property.  I don’t think we will try selling while Obama is in office if he is able to raise the capitol gain’s tax as much as his plan has shown he will.

Our family will also purchase a gun before Obama takes office.  Just to have, to be safe, in case it’s ever necessary.  Because from what I hear this right to bear arms is something Obama wants taken away.

I’m surprised he won some of the states like PA, and FL. 

All I can say is that I’m grateful the Dems don’t have a supermajority because this country needs checks and balances.

And I’m also glad it looks like the defining marriage ammendments passed in every state where it was on the ballot (AZ, CA, & FL).

November 1, 2008

Old news by now…

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But this disgusts me.

In case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard this happened somewhere in West Hollywood.  And the idiot responsible says it should be viewed as “art”.

When I first heard this story I was extremely tempted to create an Obama dummy to hang from a tree in my front yard.  Just art, right?  Can you imagine the reaction?

I’m sorry but the to me the image of a hanged woman is no worse than a hanged man of mixed race.  Sexism is wrong.  No less wrong than racism.

October 28, 2008

More on Gay Marriage

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This article was recently published in the Deseret News.  I have cut out some parts, because it is pretty long, but there was so much said so well I just had to leave it.  I added some emphasis for those of you who just want the meat.

Disagree but don’t be unkind
By Orson Scott Card
Published: Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008

Some people have misunderstood the LDS Church’s position on Proposition 8 in California, and its opposition to gay marriage. They think that we are “against homosexuals” — that we think of “them” as our enemies, and that individuals who have entered into “gay marriages” pose a direct personal threat to us.
So let’s set the record straight.

… So our concern in this legal struggle is not for the church, but for the health and well-being of society at large, of which we are only a part.

2. We do not believe that homosexuals, by entering into a “marriage,” are personally hurting anybody. Where the law makes such a thing available, even temporarily, those who “marry” are not our enemies. We believe the law is wrong and the marriage is not, in any meaningful way, what we mean by marriage.

…My family and I have close friends who are gay, some of whom have entered into lawful marriages. They know we don’t agree that their relationship is the same thing or should have the same legal status as our marriage, but we all accept that strong and clear difference of opinion and move on, continuing to respect and love each other for the values we share.

Only when a gay friend demanded that I agree with his or her point of view or cease to be friends has the friendship ended. What is odd is that in every case they called me intolerant. They misunderstood the meaning of “tolerance.”

Tolerance implies disagreement — it means that even though we don’t agree with or approve of each others beliefs or actions, we can still live together amicably. When we agree, we aren’t being tolerant, we’re being uniform.

It’s uniformity or submission these former friends wanted, not tolerance at all.

4. Only those who try to use the force of law to promote homosexual behavior and homosexual marriage to our children, and who would forbid us to publicly teach and express our belief that marriage is only meaningful between heterosexual couples, move into the category of enemies of freedom. And that will be because of their attempt to suppress religious freedom, freedom of speech and press, and the right of parents to control their children’s moral education.
We do not think that any belief system, whether it calls itself a religion or not, should be imposed on other people by law — we won’t impose ours on them, and we won’t let them impose theirs on us or our families.

There is no place for any Latter-day Saint to be unkind to, or speak slightingly of, those who disagree with us. Just because someone else is engaging in conduct that we believe is wrong does not give us the right to hate them or mistreat them. We preach the gospel of Christ to any who are willing to listen, but we will force our beliefs on no one.

We would never try to force our beliefs on an unwilling majority, and we hope that our opponents on this issue will have the same respect for democracy and the Constitution.

In fact, I believe that even those who absolutely believe in gay marriage should join us in opposing any law that is forced on an unwilling majority by the dictates of judges. For those that are wise will recognize that once judges are given such power, that power has as much chance of being used against them as for them.

What are the reasons that we, as citizens, oppose gay marriage?

Legalizing gay marriage has huge legal implications far beyond letting same-sex couples enter into marriage contracts. Once “marriage” has been so radically redefined, it will become unlawful and discriminatory for schools or any other public facility to favor, for instance, heterosexual dating or dancing.

Since our culture (like all human cultures throughout all of history) is oriented toward promoting the maximum opportunity for reproductive success for all members of the community, but channeled in a way that will best promote the survival of the community, such a radical change should not be entered into lightly.

Yet serious examination of scientific, historical, and legal issues has been all but drowned out by name-calling and demands for “rights.”

Why do we oppose legalizing gay marriage?

…Growing up with opposite-sex parents, but in a society that has normalized and actively promotes one-sex marriages, will certainly affect the children of opposite-sex parents, potentially tipping the balance for children whose sexual identity is still formable.

No serious attempt has been made to consider anything more than a general feeling that “tolerance is good” and “discrimination is bad.” Yet we are proceeding headlong into a vast social experiment whose consequences, as far as we can see, risk serious damage to many in order to create only the most marginal benefit for a few.”


This actually cleared up a few things for me, and said what I was trying to say on my last post on this topic.  I know this subject can get heated, and is highly controversial, please let this be a place to share your voice respectful of everyone’s differing opinions.

October 24, 2008

Where is the love?

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The country seems so incredibly divided at this time.  Prop 8 in California and 102 here in AZ about gay marriage, and the economy, and Obama/McCain supporters seem to split the population with extremely different opinions. 

I was listening to Glenn Beck today and he was talking about this.  And he was saying how much hatred there is between the parties. He said the first step to getting over this is admitting there is a problem.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions.  And everyone needs to respect other’s opinions. 

Sometimes I think I forget that.  I’ll be honest, and say that a lot of times I mumble about people who don’t believe the same as I do.  I think I’ll start to be part of the solution by stopping that.  I love debate and different opinions.  I think that’s part of the beauty of America. 

So I appriciate all your comments, and hope you can still feel the love. Even if we’re polar opposites.  🙂

October 22, 2008


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So I’ve been tuning back into my talk radio.  Can’t help it, I’m hooked.  A lot has happened since my last post. (Powell’s endorsement, Biden’s prophecy,.. ) I don’t even know what to say about it.  I originally started this blog because I enjoyed the debate and conversation it stirred. It was a place for me to feel like I was voicing my opinion and getting out there somewhere in the blogosphere and standing for what I believe.  But the truth?  I’m a mommy-blogger.  Who happens to like political talk radio and agrees 99% of the time with Glenn Beck.  I don’t like controversy.  I thought on the blog I didn’t mind it, but really it started to consume me and I would be thinking about what to say all day!  And I got obsessed with statistics. 

So I took a break.

But now I just want to talk about a few things that I just don’t really get.  Like Obama’s association with the “New Party”, ACORN, Ayers, Rev. Wright, etc.  Isn’t obvious this man has really bad judgement??  Or he’ll do absolutely anything to get elected.  And his quote that I’ve heard 2,394 about “redistributing the wealth”.  Is everyone really willing to see the end of capitolism?  Do you really want to see the end of the best healthcare in the world?

There’s all this talk about change.  The change I’d like to see is going back to our roots.  Let’s READ the constitution.  Let’s end career politics.  It used to be that people would leave their farms and whatever, go to congress for two years, then go back to their life.  They stayed in touch with reality.  For the people, by the people.  I think we need to go back to the ideals and values America was founded on. 

I know this will never happen.  But I think McCain might be just a smidge closer than Obama.  Not that either is a saint.  (Notice I didn’t even post about the last two debates?  Just disgusting.)  I really don’t think the election is “over”, as much of the media has said.  Almost everyone is saying it will certainly be president Obama.  I’m not so sure.  But even if it is, let’s hope he is who he says he is.  Let’s hope all the right-wing talking heads are wrong.  Let’s hope his association with Ayers means nothing.  Let’s hope our children’s future isn’t mortaged anymore than it is already. 

Anyone else ready for the whole thing to just be over?

October 13, 2008

Just sick of it

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So I’ve gotten really sick of politics lately.  I’ve started listening to K-Love, and country music, and turned off my talk radio. 

But then I missed it.

But I’m still kind of sick of it. 

A lesbian couple got married in San Fransico today.  One of them was an elementary school teacher.  Eighteen of her students came to the ceromony donning Prop. 8 buttons.  I have problems with this.

The stock market is back up.  Record high jumps.  Hard to get too excited when it crashes and goes up again and crashes again more than my favorite ride at Disneyland.

Talk of another round of stimulus checks.  Please government, please don’t.  Do us all a favor and work on this enormous debt.  Don’t create more.

I keep hearing that we’re becoming socialist.  Nationalizing everything.  I really have no clue.

I’m looking forward to the debate tomorrow night, but then again I’m kind of not.  I kind of can’t wait for the election to just be over.

Really what I care about the most right now is that it’s 75 degrees in Mesa, AZ.  And today my baby got her first tooth.  To me, this matters more than anything else right now.

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