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April 28, 2010

“Arizona puts the AZ in Nazi?”

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Okay I haven’t updated this blog in forever.  I have many excuses, well 2, both under the age of 2 😉  And mostly I really struggle with debating.  This blog is my opinion.  I hate feeling attacked for my opinion.  But anyway… the topic that has brought this back is the new bill passed here in Arizona that is making it illegal to be an illegal immigrant.

Okay first of all… why we need a bill for this is beyond me.  It is a crime to come into this country without taking the proper steps.  It blows my mind that cops up until this bill was passed could not ask for legal documentation.  I mean, I need to show a driver’s license when I get pulled over right?  Why should anyone be an exception to that?  And if I can’t provide the proper identification there are consequences for that.  I do not feel harassed by having to show identification.  I can’t even fathom people comparing this to Nazi’s and the holocaust.  I’m sorry but are we killing a race of people by the thousands?  No.  Not at all.

My heart does ache for these people who just want a better life.  I do not blame them for wanting to come into this country.  But do it the right way!  Is it hard? I’m sure it is!  I can not claim to know all the steps, I haven’t researched it enough, but I know it’s not an easy for inexpensive process.  But I think of my ancestors who came from Ireland, Poland and England.  I am sure it was no where near easy for them to get here.  They worked for generations to get here.  For people to just blatantly disrespect the laws and come here anyway they please makes me nuts.

Arizona is also currently trying to pass a tax increase to help our schools.  I’m sorry, but if the immigration problem was taken care of, there would seriously be millions of dollars per city!  I am not sure how I feel about the tax increase… that will have to be another post.  But I do think that taking care of immigration is going to help the economy here immensely.


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